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By understanding our customers needs we are able to provide innovative, creative, and low cost solutions.

Wellprex is an international trading company, engaged in procurement and sales of chemicals and additives for Oil & Gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream). We also provide advisory services for usage of chemicals and additives as well as support in design and execution of upstream operations: drilling, workover and well services.

Company's core business and primary objectives are to provide our international and domestic clients within the Oil & Gas industry with exceptional and personalized branded products, chemicals and additives, for specific problems they face. By understanding our customers needs we are able to provide innovative, creative, and low cost solutions.

Products and Services

We offer state of the art chemicals, as well as develop our own innovative solutions customized to clients needs.

Collaboration with major chemical and research companies present on global market allows us to offer state of the art chemicals; to develop our own special solutions according to customer requirements and to create optimized and cost effective customized chemical composition depending on the client's project.

We have created products and solutions that meet the needs of the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry. Most of our new products are specially developed for application in stimulation and cementing operations.

Product development took years of research, hard work, laboratory testing and field application verification. The whole process was initiated with the inability of major companies to offer us specially designed products, like corrosion inhibitor for 15% HCl acid applicable on temperatures above 150°C. Because of that we developed 15% HCl fluid blend that can be used on temperature of 185°C for 3 hours. Currently we are developing inhibitor systems for 15% HCl fluids applicable for temperature up to 250°C.

For the same reason we developed, in close collaboration with our customers, a special breaker/crosslinker systems for water and oil based fracking fluids.


Our special solutions enhance the property value by faster delivery of the hydrocarbon fluid and / or by increasing ultimate economic recovery.


We offer various types of production chemicals, for example flow assurance additives and chemicals that will extend the lifetime of pipelines.


Wellprex offers a wide range of special chemicals and additives for refinery and petrochemical processes that increases production plant's profitability.

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